Happy New Year!

Happy New Year – Happy New Lockdown! So….again find ourselves in very difficult times at the start of 2021 – but we are trying to make the most of it. Staying at home means lots of time to spend planning for your garden. Maybe you are thinking of a dramatic overhaul? Maybe you just want to introduce a few new plants? Or maybe you want to finally get on with creating that lovely kitchen garden that you’ve always wanted!

In light of the circumstances, we have decided to stay closed for the duration of January, but we plan to open on limited days in February. So once you have decided what you want to do in your garden this year, we will be ready to help! We are also excited to announce that our brand new internet shop will be up and running in February, so you can order what you need for your garden from the comfort of your armchair or your deckchair.

Meanwhile, January is a great time to check over your houseplants. You don’t need to feed houseplants in the winter – but do try and give them a bit of a clean with a damp cloth as an accumulation of dust on leaves can affect growth. Move them into the light if necessary and make sure that they are kept in a room with a temperature of about 12-18 degrees and out of cold draughts. Remember to water them less regularly than in the summer months – but don’t let them dry out (water about every one-two weeks and less often for succulents and not at all for cacti). A little mist now and then would also be beneficial, especially as most of us live in centrally heated homes these days and the atmosphere can get a bit dry.

You could also take some time to arrange your plants – perhaps group them together on a shelf for greater visual impact?

January is also a great time to sit back with a cup of tea and browse through those lovely seed catalogues to plan this year’s harvest. Here at the shop, we have a gorgeous range of organic vegetable seeds and these will also be available for delivery via our internet shop from February.

Or…if you are feeling brave enough to get out there into the garden in the ‘bracing’ January weather, why not take some time to have a little clear up. But do remember to spare a thought for the wildlife that may be living in that pile of leaves or under that fallen branch and perhaps don’t tidy up too much!

Next month we will be focussing on how to sow seeds and starting our exciting annual gardening journey – so be sure to join us then – in the meantime, whatever you decide to do with your time in January – enjoy!

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